About us

With so many options out there but being in a different country where you want to send a flowers, you may wonder “how can I send a flowers basket in Mexico that is perfect for my family or friend that lives there”, as if you were to buy locally and send it all the way here.

It is not impossible, but it is quite hard to do it yourself and it may cost you more than you think.

Therefore, we want you to know we may have a perfect solution for you.

Here at Gift Baskets Mexico (owned and managed by Fiorence Flores y Regalos, a Mexican company based in Mexico City and Puebla) we understand what you need.

- A reliable service that sends your flowers basket within Mexico NEXT DAY to main cities, arriving on time for celebration.

-A well packed flowers that will arrive in perfect conditions.

-Premium products for top gourmet flowerss, such as the ones you will find in your own city or country

- Total guarantee if the there is any damage on your flowers before arrival

-Being able to communicate in English!

-Very good prices as you are buying local and direct, no added costs

-Chat with us through Whatsapp

-Lots of way to personalize your flowers.

-And many more.

We take good care for your flowerss. We pack them well to make the trip to destination. We use NEXT DAY delivery to make the trip as short as possible, and we use DHL and FEDEX must of the time.

We double check the delivery address JUST IN CASE something is missing. Either we contact you and sometimes we contact the delivery address to confirm. Of course, we do it with care and in a smart way so the surprise is not spoiled. But calling the recipient will ensure the flowers gets there properly and successfully.

From Gourmet flowers baskets, to Ceramic and Talavera flowerss, from personalized portraits though birthday cakes, from any bottle of wine and spirits you may imagine (available here of course) to the must expensive Champagne bottle, from beautiful roses and tulips to delicious chocolates.

We like to think that we are sending the flowerss for our loved ones. So with total empathy, we put all our love in each flowers we send.

You may also consider sending corporate flowerss through our service. Recipients in Companies like BBVA, Banorte, Banamex, American Express, Gates, Puma, Uber, Cinepolis, AeroMexico, Volaris, Hyundai, Telcel, PayPal have received our flowerss last year.  From corporate buildings to hotels everywhere in Mexico. We can help you on that.

Our goal is for your loved one, your friend, your client, your supplier and your family in Mexico to say “WOW” when they get their flowers from you, through us. That’s it.

Try our service. Let’s get the biggest “WOW” possible.